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Cannabis Strains

A cannabis strain is a genetic variant of a cannabis plant. Most cannabis strains can be classified as either sativa or indica. Today, we also see many strains classified as hybrid due to the genetic combination of both indica and sativa strains in a singular plant.


Terpenes play a major role in determining the effects of a specific strain on the body and mind. The more we learn about the cannabis plant, the better we understand how terpene profiles are critically important to an individual’s cannabis experience.

Terpenes, much like cannabinoids, are secreted by the cannabis plant’s glands during the growing process. Terpenes can be found in any strong-smelling plant or flower, not just cannabis and contribute to the aroma, flavor/taste, and effect when the plant is consumed. Terpenes bind to the endocannabinoid system in the body and brain to produce unique and potentially beneficial effects.

Note: Individual results may vary.

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